The color green, as seen above, suggests growth.  Psalm 1 has the phrase "its leaf does not wither" (v. 3). It is suggested that this leaf is from an evergreen fruit bearing plant. 

That is so because the person mentioned in the psalm meditates on the law (Scripture) day and night (v. 2). The "day and night" aspect suggests a thorough knowledge of Scripture that we take wherever we go in our waking hours. 

This website provides information that may help you to grow in your faith by being in the Scriptures.  I pray that these resources will help, comfort and empower you in your daily life.

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Reading the Scriptures

Ever thought about reading the Bible, working your way through various books segment by segment? Maybe you were stopped by the thought that there would be passages that you might not understand.  Well wait no longer!

I have provided multiple notes on Bible passages. I have done this with all of the New Testament Scripture as well the Psalms and many other OT books.

You might want to pick a book of the Bible and begin reading it.  Go up to the upper right side of this page and click on Bible Study Notes. Then chose the book and chapter. Next read a segment (7-10 verses) of that chapter or even a whole chapter and look up notes that may help you with your questions. The Lutheran Study Bible (TLSB) notes have a summary and prayer at the end of various segments.

 Weekly Devotion

I will take you by the hand and keep you

Isaiah 42:6

I will take hold of your hand. I will keep you.

A pleasant memory I have of my father and myself as a little boy is when I would accompany him on his rounds around the farm to check on possible broken fences. He would take me by my hand and make sure that I would not fall and hurt myself. It made me feel so safe knowing that he was big and strong and that he would let nothing hurt me. I knew that he loved me very much.

Holding hands by couples is also a sign of love and affection, care and concern. And then there is the recent story of a couple dying from COVID, holding hands as they entered eternity together. 

My wife Donna and I chose for one of our wedding hymns “Lord Take Thou My Hand and Lead Me” (LSB 722). Some phrases from that hymn are “direct, protect and feed me,” “when the tempest rages, I need not fear, for you, the Rock Ages are always near,” “Lord when the shadows lengthen and night has come, I know that you will strengthen my steps toward home,” and “So take my hand and lead me unto the end.” This hymn continues to be of great comfort to us as we have just celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary of walking together with God.

Our wedding verse speaks of the Father taking the hand of His Servant Son, Jesus, and helping Him through His life, sufferings, death and resurrection. He now envisions His Servant as standing before Him.  God is grasping His right hand to uphold and strengthen Him for the seemingly impossible task which is His: taking on the sins of the world. 

This promise is given to the children of Israel as they were in the depths of suffering for their own actions. It should have reminded them of how the Lord called and led Abraham, Moses, and David. Jesus, the Suffering Servant through his ministry, will fulfill the promise to be “a light for the Gentiles (That’s us!).”

When we read the phrase “I will keep you,” it is an indication of His mighty power to do whatever He has promised including holding our hand during these confusing and turbulent times. Some of our earthly supports will leave us but the Lord will never let go of our hand until He leads us to eternity

Dear Lord, thank you for your eternal promise to hold our hands even when others can’t be near us. Thank you for ensuring our eternal certainty by your life, suffering, death and resurrection. Be my strength and stay through all my life’s doings. Amen.